Practice Management Consulting

Corcoran Consulting Group specializes in coding and reimbursement issues for ophthalmology and optometry practices. Learn more.

Distance Learning about Reimbursement for Ophthalmology and Optometry

Corcoran Consulting Group offers a wide variety of eLearning programs for ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and staff. Learn more.

Corcoran Compliance Connection

The Corcoran Compliance Connection™ (C3) billing optimization software offers accurate coding for eye exams based solely on EMR entries. Learn more.

Educational Resources

Corcoran Consulting Group provides a variety of educational resources on many topics of interest to eye care providers.  They are available online or in print, and include: monographs (topical white papers), FAQs, our newsletter “The ALERT”, our Medicare Condensed Reference Guide, free forms, and video-based online distance learning programs.  Learn more.

Alert Newsletter

Corcoran Consulting Group publishes a quarterly newsletter, The ALERT.  Learn more.

Products and Services from Corcoran Consulting

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Articles & News

  • 2015 ICD-10 Testing Options
    All Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) have announced the availability of ICD-10 testing. The next national ICD-10 acknowledgement testing week is... more
  • Corneal Tissue Reimbursement Update
    The 2015 CPT Manual introduced new and revised codes associated with glaucoma shunts.  Historically, surgeons might place a graft over... more
  • PQRS Cataract Measures Group
    Are you planning to report the Cataract Measures Group to satisfy your PQRS reporting in 2015?  If so, there are... more
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