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Cataract postop kits contain a variety of items that are useful to patients following cataract surgery, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents, eye shields, tape, sunglasses and lid scrubs. Historically, pharmaceutical companies supplied them to cataract surgeons as a promotional tool with samples of their medications. In turn, cataract surgeons provided them to their patients free of charge, frequently in a customized pouch with the name and logo of the practice imprinted on it.

However, this situation has recently changed. Here is what ophthalmologists need to know to keep up with the new guidelines behind postop kits.

This article answers the following questions:

  • Why are most pharmaceutical companies no longer providing postop kits at no charge?
  • What’s different about postop kits that aren’t free?
  • What stipulations are found in state pharmacy laws?
  • May the surgeon charge patients for postop kits?
  • May the hospital or ASC bill for postop kits with medications dispensed for home use?
  • Does Medicare cover pharmaceuticals that are only partially used in the hospital or ASC?
  • Some kits contain non-prescription sunglasses with UV protection. Does Medicare pay for them?

This article was published in Ophthalmology Management’s Coding & Reimbursement column, which is written by Corcoran’s Executive Vice-President, Suzanne Corcoran, COE. To view the entire article in Ophthalmology Management, click on the link below:

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