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The shift to ICD-10 has brought many coding-related issues into sharper focus and caused practices to take a second look at their assumptions. A prime example of this is coding for complex cataract surgery. On the Listservs and cyber chats we have noticed a lot of discussion among practices, and heard from our own clients, about complex cataract surgery and whether the condition that makes it complex needs to be coded along with the diagnosis of cataract. The consensus, and we agree, is that it should, when possible. We hope the following provides some clarity for you.

This article addresses the following subjects:

  • What is complex cataract surgery?
  • Are there coverage and payment policies that describe when we can bill 66982?
  • When is 66982 not supported?
  • What is the frequency of complex cataract surgery?

This article was published in Ophthalmology Management’s Coding & Reimbursement column, which is written by Corcoran’s Executive Vice-President, Suzanne Corcoran, COE. To view the entire article in Ophthalmology Management, click on the link below:

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