Clearing Up Eye Exam Code Confusion – Ophthalmology Management

Providers, auditors and billing staff continue to question the requirements of eye exam codes. In this month’s column, we will try to clear up some of the mystery.

This article answers the following questions:

  • How are eye exam codes defined?
  • May we use eye codes exclusively and skip E/M codes?
  • What are the requirements of an intermediate eye exam?
  • What about a comprehensive eye exam?
  • What does “initiation of diagnostic and management programs” mean?
  • What is “general medical observation”?
  • What must we document for the medical history?
  • What is the utilization of eye codes in comparison with E/M codes?
  • Which diagnosis codes may be used?

This article was published in Ophthalmology Management’s Coding & Reimbursement column, which is written by Corcoran’s Executive Vice-President, Suzanne Corcoran, COE. To view the entire article in Ophthalmology Management, click on the link below:

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