Intravitreal Injections: A Coding and Reimbursement Review – Retinal Physician

Ophthalmologists, particularly retinal specialists, have recently demonstrated significant enthusiasm for intravitreal injections to treat a variety of conditions. Medicare’s database of paid claims from 1998 to 2002 shows a 250.4 percent increase in the utilization of 67028 intravitreal injection of a pharmacological agent, separate procedure. At this time, injections of triamcinolone (Kenalog) account for most of the increase. The following list of considerations affect coding and reimbursement for intravitreal injections: indications, substance injected, concurrent surgical procedure, history of prior surgical procedure, whether the injection is within the postoperative period of another procedure, and location where the intravitreal injection is given.

This article was published in Retinal Physician, and was written by Corcoran’s President, Kevin Corcoran, COE, CPC, CPMA, FNAO. To view the entire article, click on the link below:

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