Medications Associated with Intravitreal Injections – Ophthalmic Professional

The most common ophthalmic procedure in Medicare is intravitreal injection (CPT code 67028). The injection is usually associated with a medication, which may be reimbursable. Some medications are very expensive while others are compounded and considerably less pricey. All have high utilization so they place huge cost burdens on our health care system. Additionally, the Office of the Inspector General has placed oversight that affects these medications in their annual Work Plan. With this amount of focus, it’s easy to see why getting all of the points in this article right is important.

This article addresses the following topics:

  • Overfill
  • Documentation of individual vials
  • Complimentary vials

This article was published in Ophthalmic Professional’s Coding column, and written by Corcoran’s Senior Consultant, Paul Larson, COE. To view the entire article in Ophthalmic Professional, click on the link below:

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