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As we all move toward pandemic recovery, it’s time to think about how to recover. Will you resume “business as usual” or try to reinvent your practice with improvements?

Of course, you want to emerge better and stronger. So, if you haven’t done so already, consider implementing a compliance plan now. This may sound like a crazy idea. You may think a compliance plan is too much work, too much aggravation, not enough payback, not really needed and a huge waste of paper.

But consider this: Since the late 1990s, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG, a.k.a. the “Medicare Police”) has published guidance for medical practices to develop a voluntary compliance program.  The OIG stated that compliance program efforts “can also streamline and improve the business operations within the practice and therefore inoculate itself against future problems.”

Although not a guarantee against a Medicare allegation of fraud or abuse, the statement hints at the value of a compliance plan. When you develop, maintain and adhere to a robust compliance plan, you can point to it to support your intent to avoid fraud and abuse if you’re the subject of a Medicare audit.

This article was published in Retina Specialist, which is written by Ellen R. Adams, MBA. To view the entire article in Retina Specialist, click on the link below:

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