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A Look at What You Should Know in 2013 – Review of Ophthalmology

A new year brings regulatory issues and changes to diagnostic and CPT codes, reimbursements, incentives and more.

This article answers the following questions:

  • What Category I codes were published with the 2013 Current Procedural Terminology manual?
  • Were there any Category III code changes published in the CPT 2013 manual?
  • Were there changes made to the relative value units of some ophthalmic codes in the 2013 CPT manual?
  • Are there new drug codes pertinent to ophthalmology in the 2013 Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System manual?
  • Were there any changes to diagnosis codes that require attention?
  • What is the new Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR) policy that went into effect in January?
  • Did ambulatory surgery centers and hospital outpatient department rates realize an increase to facility fees in 2013?
  • What types of regulatory issues were identified as areas of concern for ophthalmology in 2013?
  • Is the OIG still concerned about electronic health record documentation practices?
  • When must professionals begin to utilize electronic health records to avoid penalties?
  • Is the Recovery Audit Contractor Program continuing to report successful recoupment of overpaid dollars, and will it continue to expand?
  • What Medicare Part B changes affect beneficiaries in 2013 from a cost perspective?
  • Is participation in the Physician Quality Reporting System mandatory in 2013? Is there any bonus for participation?
  • Are there changes to the electronic prescribing program for 2013?

This article was published in Review of Ophthalmology’s Medicare Q & A column, which is written by Corcoran’s Vice-President, Donna McCune, CCS-P, COE, CPMA. To view the entire article in Review of Ophthalmology, click on the link below:

See page 14.

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