New Equipment Just Arrived! Now What? – Administrative Eyecare

Two of your provider-owners just came back from a professional society meeting they attended for continuing education.  They proudly announce upon their return that they have ordered some new equipment and it should arrive within two weeks.  After the surprise wears off, you need to know the answers to a number of questions right away – and it’s a lot more involved than just “what’s it cost and how will it help us?”

This article addresses the following questions:

  • How big is it?  When does it arrive?
  • What’s it do?
  • Where does it go?
  • Power and Utilities?
  • What About Training?
  • Final Considerations?

This article was published in Administrative Eyecare, September /October 2017, and written by Corcoran’s Senior Consultant, Paul Larson, MBA, MMSc, COMT, COE, CPC, CPMA.

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