Understanding Modifier 24 – Ophthalmology Management

Confusion continues about when it is appropriate to use modifier 24 and other modifiers following surgery. This month I will attempt to clear up some of the mystery.

This article answers the following questions:

  • Are all exams during the postoperative period included in the global surgical fee?
  • What does modifier 24 mean?
  • What does “unrelated” mean in this context?
  • May modifier 24 be used to report the decision to perform cataract surgery in the opposite eye?
  • Will utilization of modifier 24 trigger a postpayment audit?
  • Should modifier 24 be used to report a diagnostic test in the global surgery period?
  • What other modifiers pertain to surgery in the global period?

This article was published in Ophthalmology Management’s Coding & Reimbursement column, which is written by Corcoran’s Executive Vice-President, Suzanne Corcoran, COE. To view the entire article in Ophthalmology Management, click on the link below:


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