Untapped Provider Pool for Ophthalmology – EyeWorld

Most planning revolves around near term events that can be readily identified and understood. Yet, these near term challenges and opportunities may not be the most significant for the survival and success of the practice. Instead, large long term changes may pose the greatest threat and require creative strategic planning that contemplates much more than incremental improvements in operations.

Beginning in 2011, medicine faces a perfect storm consisting of a triple threat: 1) a rising number of Medicare beneficiaries due to retirement of baby boomers, 2) a decreasing supply of physicians to serve them, and 3) growing economic constraints on the Medicare budget to pay for services.

This article was published in EyeWorld, and was written by Corcoran’s President, Kevin Corcoran, COE, CPC, CPMA, FNAO. To view the entire article, click on the link below:


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