April 1, 2012 NCCI Edit Changes

The April 1, 2012, posting of the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits takes on a new format. The CMS website contains one file that combines the bundled codes and mutually exclusive edits – previously the files were separate.

CMS explains that this does not eliminate the mutually exclusive concept or delete the mutually exclusive codes, but combines it with the bundled file creating one file. The new file contains Column 1 and Column 2 reflecting those codes that cannot be submitted together.

Ophthalmic changes in the April 1, 2012 revision include two deleted edits. They are:

  • 76513 is no longer bundled with 92133 or 92134
  • 92132 is no longer bundled with 92133 or 92134

The CMS file can be found at:


Corcoran Consulting Group continues to publish an ophthalmology-specific guide that includes these edits and other valuable information. Call today to subscribe to our quarterly Medicare Condensed Reference Guide.

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