CMS Asks Providers and Facilities to “End-to-End Test” ICD-10 Claims

On September 19, 2014, CMS and the Common Electronic Data Interchange (CEDI) organization announced that they were asking for volunteers for the first of three planned 2015 ICD-10 testing weeks.  In the announcement, CMS noted that the goal of end-to-end testing for the week of January 26-30, 2015, is to demonstrate that:

  • Providers and submitters are able to successfully submit claims containing ICD-10 codes to the Medicare Fee-For Service (FFS) claims systems
  • CMS software changes made to support ICD-10 result in appropriately adjudicated claims
  • Accurate Remittance Advices are produced

CMS notes that the deadline for applying for the first 2015 end-to-end testing week is October 3, 2014 via your Medicare Administrative Contractor’s website.  Those selected will be notified by their MAC and CEDI on or before October 24, 2014 with further instructions.  CMS also notes:

  • Approximately 850 volunteer submitters will be selected to participate in the January end-to-end testing.
  • CMS intends to select volunteers representing a broad cross-section of provider, claim, and submitter types

There will be two other end-to-end testing weeks in 2015 before the October 1, 2015 go live date for ICD-10 on claims.  The other end-to-end testing weeks are currently scheduled for April and July, 2015.

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