CMS Issues “Blanket Waivers” for Expedited Credentialing during Covid-19 Public Health Emergency

CMS today issued some regulatory advice and made available a fact sheet related to credentialing during the Covid-19 public health emergency.  Specifically as it relates to credentialing, revalidation, or licensing during the emergency, CMS notes:

  • CMS will establish a toll-free hotline for non-certified Part B suppliers, physicians and nonphysician practitioners to enroll and receive temporary Medicare billing privileges
    • The following screening requirements are waived: application fee, criminal background check, and site visit
    • As of this writing, the toll-free hotline phone number has not yet been established.
  • All provider revalidation actions have been put on hold
  • Licensed providers can render services outside of their state of enrollment/licensure if they are already licensed for specific activities in the “home” state.
  • CMS plans to expedite any pending or new applications from providers

We are happy to assist you with claims issues and other topics related to eye care during this public health emergency.  You can download our “App” – Corcoran 24/7 – via one of the links below. (800) 399-6565

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