CMS Makes 2019 QPP Results Available for Review before Release to Public

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) is making selected portions of the 2019 Quality Payment Program results for providers available for review.  The preview period began on 1/25/2021 and ends at 8 PM Eastern time on 3/25/2021.  Providers and groups should review the information so they know in advance what information CMS is releasing to the public as part of two separate data pieces:

  • Medicare Care Compare
  • Provider Data Catalog (PDC).

CMS notes in a relatively short document that describes how to access your information (link here) that “The Doctors and Clinicians sections of Care Compare and the PDC are tools that allow Medicare patients and caregivers to find physicians and other clinicians, and incentivizes clinicians and groups to improve patient care.”  Information is available at both the group and individual clinician levels.  A select few providers and groups may be eligible to opt-out of the public reporting (see below).

CMS also notes:

  • “The Doctors and Clinicians Preview Period is the first opportunity for clinicians and groups to see what patients will see before their performance information is published on the Care Compare and in the PDC.
  • Clinicians and groups will be able to see which of the performance information they submitted for 2019 is targeted for public reporting on Care Compare profile pages and in the PDC.
  • Clinicians and groups who are not MIPS eligible and MIPS APM participants who voluntarily submitted 2019 MIPS performance information will have the opportunity to opt out of having their 2019 performance information publicly reported on Care Compare and in the PDC.”

As with all other private QPP information access, you need to use your HARP access account.  If you do not have your HARP account information, the link above contains information on how to establish or access it beginning on page 5 of the document.

We are available and happy to assist you with issues such as this and other topics related to eye care.  We’re also proud to announce we are still presenting our webinars related to changes in 2021 on Evaluation and Management eye exam coding, so contact us if you are interested.  Stay safe. (800) 399-6565

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