CMS makes Interim PQRS Feedback Data Available

CMS announced that those providers who are using claims-based PQRS reporting in 2014 can now get a feedback report via the QualityNet Portal. This would allow you to see first quarter 2014 aggregate data (January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014) on PQRS claims-based submissions instead of having to keep track manually via the remittance advice codes. Additionally, CMS has provided a “2014 User Guide” for this interim PQRS claims data report.

The feedback data itself can be accessed at the following link (after proper login):

The QualityNet portal notes:

  • The Interim PQRS Feedback Report information is confidential and is only accessible with proper sign-in.
  • If the account has not been used within 60 days, it may be inactive but instructions on how to re-establish access are provided.
  • Times when the web application may not be available.
  • The Dashboard is available to each tax ID number (TIN) entity with at least one eligible professional (EP) who submits one or more denominator-eligible Medicare Part B claims.
  • Data provided through the Dashboard is separate from the final PQRS feedback reports that will be released in the fall of 2015, so they will not indicate success or failure, nor will they show 2014 incentive eligibility or Measure-Applicability Validation (MAV).
  • Measures with 0% performance rates are included in the Dashboard data.
  • Future 2014 reports are CUMULATIVE – they will update quarterly and based on all data submitted via claims, and will become available according to the following schedule:

1st Quarter (3-mo initial) April 25, 2014

2nd Quarter (6-mo cumulative) July 25, 2014

3rd Quarter (9-mo cumulative) November 28, 2014

4th Quarter (12-mo cumulative) February 27, 2015


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