CMS Revalidation Continues to be Relaxed During the Pandemic Declaration

CMS continues to have Revalidation for providers on a hold status.  On February 28, 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic public health declarations, CMS noted they were not issuing any new revalidation notices.  The current status has not changed; CMS continues to note that they will not deactivate providers but that they will also not update the information on the Search tool either.  The main CMS Revalidation page (link here) shows the following (the red font and boldface are CMS’):

CMS is temporarily ceasing revalidation efforts for all Medicare providers or suppliers. During the public health emergency, CMS will not issue any new revalidation notices, deactivate providers who fail to respond to revalidation requests, or update the Medicare Revalidation Tool at with new revalidation due dates. Revalidation applications submitted to your MAC will continue to be processed but not in an expedited manner. Upon the lifting of the public health emergency, CMS will resume revalidation activities.

  • All Due Dates will not be removed and will continue to be displayed on the website even after a Provider has revalidated successfully.
  • All Due Dates that are ‘TBD’ will hereafter display a blank in the dataset but will continue to display as ‘TBD’ on the search results pages.


Importantly, although you can still revalidate and it will be acted upon, CMS also noted above that these are not being handled on an expedited basis.  CMS notes above that the Due dates on their website tool are not being updated – even if you successfully revalidate.

We feel that practices should be sure to save the “successful revalidation” information when you receive notice (via printing the notice, a screenshot, or other method that will enable you to prove completion and when).

Just as a reminder, physicians and group are required to revalidate every 5 years.  DMEPOS (such as optical dispensaries) revalidate every 3 years.  You can revalidate on PECOS.

We are available and happy to assist you with issues such as this and other topics related to eye care.  We’re proud to also announce a new set of webinars related to changes coming in 2021 on Evaluation and Management eye exam coding, so contact us if you are interested.  Stay safe. (800) 399-6565

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