e-Rx Incentive Payments for 2013

Did you participate in the e-Rx incentive program in 2013? If so, incentive program payments are now being made to successful participants according to CMS. The 0.5% incentive payment for participation in 2013 is the last bonus payment for e-prescribing. Beginning in 2014, the use of e-prescribing has been rolled into the meaningful use program. Eligible professionals who participated in the HIT bonus program and attested to meaningful use in 2013 were ineligible for the e-Rx bonus.

If you are anticipating the bonus, be mindful that the 2013 bonus payment is reduced by 2% due to sequestration.

If you were not successful in 2013 with e-Rx, you will be assessed a 1% penalty in 2015. In addition, if you did not successfully attest to meaningful use or qualify for an exemption, the 1% e-Rx penalty will be added to the 1% MU penalty for a total of 2% penalties in 2015.

Additional information on the e-Rx program can be found at: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/ERxIncentive/index.html

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