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ICD-10 Test Claims Week

CMS has announced that there will be an opportunity to test claims submission with ICD-10 codes. If you send claims directly to your Medicare contractor you need to participate. If your billing service or clearinghouse sends claims for you, you need to be sure they are aware of this.

Although claims cannot be submitted using ICD-10 diagnoses until October 1, 2014, you or your billing service or clearinghouse can test the ability to send claims containing ICD-10 before that date. It is important to sign up; only those who do so will be allowed to test. There is currently only one testing week set up – March 3-7, 2014.

You can go to your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) website and search for “ICD-10 testing”- or follow the convenient links below to sign up.


WPS: J5 – link:

J8 – link:


NGS: J6 – link:

JK – link:


FCSO: Link:




Palmetto: J11 – link:


CGS: Link:


Noridian: JE – link:

JF – link:


Novitas: JH – link:

JL – link:

All MACs note the following:

  • Test claims with ICD-10 codes must be submitted with current dates of service (i.e. October 1, 2013 through March 3, 2014), since testing does not support future dated claims.
  • Test claims will receive the 277CA or 999 acknowledgement as appropriate, to confirm that the claim was accepted or rejected in the system.
  • Testing will not confirm claim payment or produce remittance advice.
  • MACs and CEDI will be staffed to handle increased call volume during this week.

If you need help with learning the ICD-10 code set, Corcoran Consulting Group can help. We have multiple training options to accommodate your needs. Call us to learn more.

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