Proposed 2008 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Published

Watch the July 12, 2007 Federal Register for publication of the proposed 2008 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). Usually published later in the summer, CMS’s early publication proposes to reduce the conversion factor by 9.9% taking it from $37.8975 to $34.1456.

The good news is that the eye codes received an increase in value based on the review of Work Relative Value Units (RVUs). The net effect is proposed to be as follows:

                            2007               2008

92002               $67                 $61                 -9%

92004               $122               $114                -6%

92012               $62                 $64                 +2%

92014               $91                 $92                 +1%

The early delivery of this proposed fee schedule provides ample opportunity for legislation to oppose its implementation. As we have seen in prior years, the summer proposal is not the final word when the January fee schedule is published. Stay tuned!

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