QPP Portal Opens for 2018 Attestations

Late last week, the portal for Quality Payment Program 2018 submissions opened.  CMS notes on the QPP home page the following information:

  • PERFORMANCE YEAR 2018 – Submission Window is Open

You can now sign in to submit your data for PY 2018. You can submit and update your data any time until April 2, 2019, 8 pm EDT when the submission window closes. 

Login to upload 2018 QPP submission is available right on the QPP home page (link here), or via the normal login route in the upper right-hand corner.

Importantly, there is a change to the login process for QPP.  Managing your login to QPP is moving from the EIDM username and password as in the past – to the HARP system.  HARP stands for “HCQIS Access Roles and Profile”.  If you already have an EIDM username and password, you will automatically be transitioned to the HARP system for QPP purposes – and if you do not have an EIDM account set up at this time, you will set up your QPP access via HARP.  The same QPP home page link above has a reference to this changeover process as well as how to create a HARP account if needed; it is found via a ZIP file that you download.  You’ll see the following under the “Featured Resources” area of the QPP home page to access and download the files:  “2018 QPP Access User Guide”.

Those who are doing registry for QPP for 2018 submissions may not have the same deadlines as above as the registry may need time to aggregate data to prepare it for upload on your behalf to CMS/QPP.

We are happy to assist providers and groups in any way with other topics including MIPS in general, 2018 MIPS attestations, as well as proper code selection, chart reviews, payer action questions – please contact us.  We can also provide training on these or other subjects.  You can reach us via the link to our main webpage or at the phone number below.  You can also download our “App”, Corcoran 24/7, which can be separately accessed via one of the links below.

www.corcoranccg.com (800) 399-6565

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