Revalidating Your Group PTAN with Medicare

Group revalidation requests are in the process of being delivered.  Just like physician revalidation requests, you have 60 days to respond or your PTAN will be deactivated. The fastest way to revalidate is through the online PECOS system.  Previously, both paper applications and PEOCS submissions required you to mail something to your local Medicare Carrier/MAC.  This caused big delays for those submitting through PECOS. Now, with PECOS, you don’t have to mail a paper certification, everything can be uploaded and electronic signatures are accepted.

There are a few unexpected issues you need to address before you can access your Group (organizational) NPI information through the PECOS system.

  • You have to assign an Authorized Official to access the PECOS website.
  • You cannot use the same user name and password for the group NPI that is listed in NPPES (even though the NPPES representative will say you can).

The process to get access to your group PECOS information involves a few steps and takes time, so you should get started before you receive the group revalidation request.  After you send requested information to the CMS EUS Help Desk and they approve you, you have to download a Security Consent Form and mail that in as well.  From start to finish, the whole process could take up to 60 days.

If you do not pro-actively set up your access to your Group NPI on PECOS, you will be forced to submit revalidation on paper and suffer the delays of the mail room at your MAC.  There is a brochure on the CMS website that discusses the process at this link:

If you have questions or need assistance, please call us.  Linda Georgian is our “resident expert” on this process!

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