Reimbursement for Goniotomy or Trabeculotomy ab Interno

Trabeculotomy ab interno is an ophthalmic surgical procedure to incise and partially remove trabecular meshwork to create an opening into Schlemm’s canal by way of the anterior chamber angle.  The procedure is carried out by means of an ab interno approach from inside the anterior chamber under indirect visualization with a goniolens.  So, the longstanding term for this procedure is Goniotomy.

This FAQ addresses the following:

  1. What is trabeculotomy ab interno, also known as goniotomy?
  2. What are the indications for goniotomy?
  3. What are the contraindications to goniotomy?
  4. Can I use goniotomy as a primary or initial line of treatment for congenital glaucoma?
  5. What CPT code describes trabeculotomy ab interno or goniotomy?
  6. Does health insurance cover glaucoma surgery using goniotomy?
  7. Is goniotomy bundled with other services?
  8. Is goniotomy compatible with ophthalmic endoscopy for reimbursement?
  9. What is the global surgery period for 65820?
  10. What is the Medicare physician reimbursement for goniotomy?
  11. Does Medicare allow a facility fee for goniotomy performed in an ASC or HOPD?

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