Medicare Condensed Reference Guide

Corcoran Consulting Group publishes the Medicare Condensed Reference Guide customized for eye care.  This quarterly publication answers many of your questions related to exams, tests and surgical billing in one easy-to-use guide.  Instead of using six different Federal publications with lots of extraneous data, you can now get all of the relevant information in a single handy guide.  Includes relevant Category III codes.

CPT Codes for Ophthalmology and Optometry – All relevant surgical codes, plus diagnostic test and exam codes

Global Periods for Surgery – Postoperative intervals for major and minor procedures

Bundled and Mutually Exclusive Codes – National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) codes that cannot be billed together

Assistant Surgeon Coverage – Eligible procedures for an assistant surgeon

Bilateral Payment Indicators – Identifies which codes are defined by Medicare as unilateral or bilateral,

Multilateral Payment Indicators – Identifies which codes are subject to payment reductions under the multiple procedure rule

RVUs – Relative value units for each CPT code for non-facility and facility

Diagnostic Test Supervision – Identifies Medicare’s supervision requirements for diagnostic tests

ASC Covered Surgical Procedures – Lists codes for which ASC facility payments may be made, including their national Medicare fee schedule amounts and payment indicators


Price: $200.00
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