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monographA monograph is a comprehensive discussion of the billing, coding and reimbursement aspects of an ophthalmic product or service. It generally includes a concise description of the item or procedure, the indications, billing issues, practice management tips, relevant regulations or statutes, documentation requirements, payment levels, utilization parameters and template forms. For a more abbreviated discussion of the same topics, see our FAQs.

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Topic Title Sponsor Date Updated
Artificial Iris Reimbursement for CUSTOMFLEX ARTIFICIALIRIS Veo Ophthalmics 2020-01-01
ASC Medicare Reimbursement for the ASC CCG 2020-01-13
Billing Procedures Billing Office Procedure Manual CCG 2019-12-27
Coding Coding Guide CCG 2019-03-25
Co-management Co-Management of Postoperative Care CCG 2020-01-12
Corneal Topography Medicare Reimbursement for Corneal Topography ZEISS 2017-11-02
Electrophysiology Reimbursement for Electrophysiology Testing CCG 2018-06-22
Eye Exams Coding for Eye Exams CCG 2020-01-01
Fundus Photos Fundus Photography Reimbursement Optovue 2020-01-28
Fundus Photos Medicare Reimbursement for Fundus Photography ZEISS 2019-11-22
Glasses Medicare Reimbursement for Post-Cataract Eyeglasses CCG 2020-01-12
History Taking Medical History Documentation CCG 2017-08-03
Hydrus Microstent Medicare Reimbursement for the Hydrus® Microstent Ivantis 2019-06-05
Imaging Medicare Reimbursement for Imaging with the SPECTRALIS® Heidelberg 2019-03-15
Imaging Medicare Reimbursement for Imaging with the Cirrus HD-OCT and Cirrus photo ZEISS 2019-04-11
Implantable Miniature Telescope Reimbursement Considerations of the Implantable Miniature Telescope Visioncare Inc. 2016-05-03
IOL Medicare Reimbursement for TECNIS Symfony® IOLs AMO 2017-01-26
Laser Floater Medicare Reimbursement for YAG Laser Floater Treatment Ellex 2018-02-14
Modifiers Rules for Modifiers CCG 2020-01-12
OCULUS Keratograph 5M Reimbursement for Tests with the OCULUS Keratograph 5M OCULUS 2016-05-03
OCULUS Pentacam Reimbursement for Tests with the OCULUS Pentacam OCULUS 2016-05-03
Optical Coherence Biometry Reimbursement for Diagnostic Tests with the Carl Zeiss Meditec IOLMaster ZEISS 2017-09-25
Presbyopia IOLs Medicare Reimbursement for Presbyopia-Correcting and Toric IOLs CCG 2020-01-02
Punctum Plugs Reimbursement Guidelines for Punctal or Intracanalicular Occlusion by Plug OASIS Medical 2020-01-30
SCODI Reimbursement Guidelines for Scanning Computerized Ophthalmic Diagnostic Imaging Optovue 2020-01-29
Self-Tonometry Reimbursement for Self-Tonometry Icare USA 2019-09-01
Surgery Medicare Reimbursement for Surgical Procedures CCG 2020-01-12
Tests Medicare Reimbursement for Ophthalmic Diagnostic Tests CCG 2020-01-02
Visionix VX-120/130 Reimbursement for Tests with Visionix VX-120/130 Visionix 2017-06-26
Visual Fields Medicare Reimbursement for Visual Fields Testing ZEISS 2018-01-29



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