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Fee Schedule Analysis

Individual analysis of your existing fee schedule and our recommendations for revision.

Corcoran Consulting Group has participated in many reviews of fee schedules for eye care professionals. Our report contains suggested fees for about 400 applicable CPT codes.

We do not set fees for our clients; our role is an advisory one.  In that capacity, we are supplying suggestions for new office visit fees and other fees, together with recommendations to help you modify your existing fee schedule.  Areas that may need improvement are:

Remove or segregate duplicate or obsolete entries.

Increase fees where Medicare allowable exceeds your current fee.

Decrease fees where your charge greatly exceeds what commercial carriers expect to pay.

The algorithm we use takes into consideration Medicare’s allowable charges; your existing fee schedules and reasonable and customary values used by private insurers.

Overall, we optimized the fee schedule to avoid extraordinary values while establishing appropriate fees for your practice.

Your fee schedule should be revised routinely; a semi-annual or annual schedule is recommended.  The effect of two small (1-10%) semi-annual changes is compounded while a single annual adjustment is not.  Large, infrequent changes attract unnecessary attention from patients, insurers and competitors.

If you would like to schedule an individual analysis of your fee schedule, or for more information, please contact us at 800-399-6565, fax to 909-890-1333, or email us at

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