Intermediate Training


Charting and Reimbursement Issues in ASCs (1 hour)

The ASC environment is very different from the clinic. The issues and problems with coding and reimbursement are unique. We examine charting and reimbursement regulations for the ASC.  Conditions for Coverage in the ASC and ASC Quality measures are also addressed.


Common Billing and Documentation Errors (1 hour)

This course discusses common documentation and billing errors, including errors unique to EMR. Awareness and appreciation of these issues improves compliance with third party payer regulations and may improve reimbursement for the practice.


Developing a Quality Assurance Program (1 hour)

Ophthalmic practices should regularly monitor their billing procedures. Some implement formal compliance programs, while others adopt a less formal quality assurance program. The development of a quality assurance program and how it differs from a formal compliance program is discussed.


How to Attract (Unwanted) Attention from Medicare

Medicare audits a variety of physician practices annually. There are “red flags” that attract Medicare’s attention to a particular practice. This course identifies some areas of exposure and scrutiny.¬† We suggest ways to guard against or prepare you for the unwanted attention.


Practice Patterns (1 hour)

Statistical information that describes the expected utilization pattern for services provided is presented. The information provides a basis to perform a utilization analysis of your individual practice. Additional statistics are provided relating to Medicare audits and indicators that may “red flag” a practice for an audit.


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